Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Chocolates & Creams: Valentines Special

Last week, my friend James and I were invited to try Chocolate's and Creams' Valentines Day Special: French Macarons and Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake that are now available at Captain Richie's Baby Back Ribs at Tomasaco-6th St. and Velez stores. You may also pre-order these babies for your special someone by contacting the owners at 09177579612 (Globe / TM) or 09084713254 (Smart/TalkNText).

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake

Red Velvet is the cake staple of the Month of Love. And even though my love life is pretty much nonexistent, I've had my fair share of this Lady Red. This take of it certainly belongs to the betters in our city. They have a thick layer of creamcheese sandwiched by two red velvet layers, coated in creamchees, then sprinkled with love and rose petals. They have this cute little heart on top that says "I love you". If you preorder, they can customize the wordings on the heart for you. Like what they did for our friend, Andrew's cake.

French Macarons

My loves! Macarons are romantic in themselves, probably because they're French. These babies are really hard to make so everyone needs to price higher for them. But Chocolates and Creams are making them affordable and worth every cent! These are available in chocolate or strawberry filling. They used cashew as almond subs because cashews are really a Cagayan de Oro thing, as I've mentioned in my previous post. It's better than what another local pastry shop did (those folks incorporated peanuts O_O) and probably better than the original almond recipe (what? I'm a cashew > almond girl!)

They also grow roses for y'all. These aren't exclusively for your lovers! You can give these to friends and mothers too :3

What's a VDay celebration without cakes? Perfectly candid shot by one of the owners. BTW, James is totally free on Vday! Ask him out? *wink wink*

James and I with both owners: Ms. Sheila and Ms. Mel

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