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So there's this place in town I've been wanting to go to. It's been sitting around for a while, always beckoning me whenever the mom drives through the diversion. It's this attractive resto found at the Great Spot Arcade along JR Borja Extension. It's not new so it may ring a bell for some locals. Yep, I'm talking about Bourbon St. Bistro.

Named after a street in New Orleans, Bourbon St. Bistro, was founded by Chef Drew Mills (New Orleans native) and wife, Chef Nicole Cabrera-Mills. Serving delicious Creole cuisine using fresh, locally-grown ingredients, the restaurant offers guests a dining experience that is delightfully familiar yet truly New Orleans authentic. - Bourbon St. Bistro Facebook Page 

My boss / mother that we lunch meet there on Monday and she didn't have to ask me twice. I scribbled a few notes while we were there, so here we are.


The décor is what lured me in the first place. Bourbon St. Bistro has a crazy appeal, no surprise there since its muse is the ever frenzied home of modern Mardi Gras, New Orleans. You almost expect people from the bayou to walk in and start an evening of conviviality. Fleur de lys, Louisiana's distinctive glyph, is printed everywhere to remind you of the restaurant's roots--on the tables, near the window, on the paper mat. They also filled the walls with pictures of good grub to make it more homey, I assume. They really nailed the décor! I love how they put so much attention to detail (little party chain dangling from the fan in the ceiling, embossed fleur de lys on tables, bar ornaments, to mention some). Simply put, it's classy yet homey at the same time, wild but not too cluttered!


(What I can say are) Big rollers and business people frequent the place since price range average is Php350 for an entrée. There's not much of a crowd on normal days so you can always expect to be seated. In the afternoon (when we were there), people stay for a while, mostly sharing appetizers or on meetings. But the aura of the place is very cool. Even with the crazy décor, it's general feel is still very laid back.


This wasn't thoroughly planned so I only got to try two dishes. However, they have a variety of combinations to suit your liking. I hope you're a heavy eater though, or else you're most likely going to die of acute myocardial infarction. Here are the formidable two:

Smothered Cream Dory (Php235)

The thing about this fish is that it's inherently very salty. You'll need to play with flavors to balance it off, or one might even try to make the coat bland on purpose. It was a tiny fraction saltier than what I'm used to (idk, maybe because it's Creole) so I consumed more rice than usual to remedy that. The fillet and the water-spinach are enough to make you full though.

Hickory Smoked Ribs (Php355)

If New Orleans was a dish, this would be it. Visually, it's enough to satiate my hunger. The presentation is very pretty (this photo doesn't do it justice, I'm afraid). Sautéed veggies and Potato purée side by side, nesting four wonderfully cooked (falls apart at the slightest urging) choice ribs, drowned in BBQ sauce. I loved the first bite, enjoyed it until the chord of bloatedness dulled my palate. There's just enough sweetness to the sauce, enough saltiness. The spice could be less, but that depends on who you're asking. So basically, the flavors and texture of this dish is delightfully mind blowing! I love how the meat has that umami twist to it. It definitely has the make of a crazy, Louisiana dish.

The only problem I have with it is the serving size, it's too much (lol, is this even a problem? XD) I feel bloated after finishing half of what's on my plate. It makes perfect sense --> Spices + well done meat + potato purée = guaranteed heart attack or gaseous tendencies at the very least.

Customer Service

The crew's service could be improved. They're not bad, but I've seen better. For a restaurant of this caliber, you'll need crew that will go out of their way to help you out. I was a tiny bit disappointed, honestly.

Disclaimer: Note that I was NOT invited to review this place. Furthermore, I NEVER lie on my reviews.

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