HS: Senior Year

I don't know about you but by the time I hit senior year and got the most coveted position on the school paper, I got myself butlers (a.k.a the male population I bullied) and constantly chatted up juniors because I could do it. I was pretty close to everyone in my batch. Oh, gosh I miss it so bad! I graduated 2011 you see, and we had this alumni homecoming last year, but even then I felt like it had been 20 years since we last saw each other, and terribly, I missed those guys! I've kept every T-shirt we've printed, and even held on to my uniform that everyone vandalized on! On a pretty sentimental day, I even went as far as looking for some place that made Class Rings! In fact, I think I might as well convince my class to check out http://www.joyjewelers.com to see if there's any hope in that.


  1. aww.. i miss HS too.. Too bad i didnt keep any of my tshirts.. WHY T_T agh.



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