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The pizza game has really started to blossom in Cagayan de Oro and what's even better is that locals are starting to innovate ways to dish out even more unique pizza concepts. Take Nic's Pizza Baguettes, for example. This boring french bread turns to an interesting snack when topped with meaty, cheesy goodness. And now they're offering door to door delivery anywhere in metro Cagayan de Oro! The kind owner of Nic's Pizza Baguettes sat us down to sample the delivery menu; read on to know which ones are my favorites!

But before we go to that, let's appreciate their elegant design and interiors. If you visit their shop near Dolores apartments, no doubt you're going to spend hours there playing jenga (yes, I'm projecting my attitude unto you, my dear readers). The wood finish remind me of an acoustic 70cl.

Playing Jenga with the rest of the CDO Bloggers while we wait for our food
4. Fries (Jumbo-Php99, Regular-Php55)

Three flavors to choose from: BBQ, Cheese and Sour cream. I prefer BBQ but this is probably because I've always been partial to this flavor. Jumbo will feed 3 people (or one if you're a big fries eater)

3. Ribs & Wedge (Php179)

Beautifully cooked chicken soaked in BBQ sauce with a side of potato wedges. These wedges are similar to Shakeys mojos.

2. Cheezy Garlic Bread (Platterpack-Php95, Funt treat-Php55)

The owner told us about the tedious preparation just to get the garlic and cheese absorbed by the bread, and you can really appreciate it in every bite. This is the best garlic bread in the city, vampires beware! The platterpack is 12pcs while the funt treat is half that.

1. Pizza Baguette (Php155-179)

Surprise, surprise! What I love about pizza baguettes are that they are easier to share than the traditional pizza. If there are three of you, one for each! Plus their Baguettes are actually pretty good so theyre not difficult to love.

Here is the menu grabbed from my friend Pearl:


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