Friday, 20 December 2013

Bigby's 15th Birthday Bash

Around two weeks ago, I was invited to Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant to celebrate their 15th birthday. The celebration endured the whole year, but on the December 8, they had an affordable All-You-Can-Eat buffet ready for their guests. The buffet, priced at Php395 for adults and Php295 for children aged 12 and below, was fairly reasonable, considering the things they put on they table. My favorite, and everybody else's, Baby Back Ribs, graced the buffet table as well.

It was a wonderful celebration. The Bigby's staff had lots of fun and games in store for the diners. I was among the many who won a Php300 gift certificate from Bigby's. The Bigby's YOLO challenge winners, father and son of the Quizo Family, were also crowned and honored. Having attempted to conquer the Bigby's Big Manhattan Burger before, I know it's no piece of cake so kudos to both! Even Charles Waugh who won the Mega Rack-A-Bye-Baby Challenge was there. It was a pretty victorious (since there were many victors present, lol) night. To top it off, somebody celebrated their birthday. Most birthday celebrants would be fuming to find out other birthday celebrants crashing their party, but the staff of Bigby's brought out a cake and began singing, soon enough, the crowd joined in chorus too.

It was just a very magical night. I started reminiscing my Bigby's moments--the first time I tried Bigby's, my first birthday at Bigby's, enough to prove one point: Bigby's has really made their motto alive in my heart. I always have and always will "Come back home to Bigby's". I'm really proud of how far Bigby's has come in the last 15 years (back when they first opened at Chaves St. in 1998), they've expanded to Cebu and Davao. It's living proof that CDO-based restaurants can be a big hit elsewhere and who knows? Maybe some of them will even last 15 years like Bigby's. Happy Anniversary!

Please excuse the dress, I just came from our Youth Fellowship (I didn't get the chance to go home and change)

Once again, thanks for having me at your Birthday Bash, Bigby's!