Book Haul #1

As you might have deduced by now, I'm a bit of a nerd. Well, one part of me is a hardcore-literary-parallel-searching type of nerd, while the other part is a closet-nerd. I actually prefer hardcore but all of you need closet nerd Penda. The one who pretends to not sniff books, not read ebooks on her tab and not hyperventilate at the sight of Rainbow Rowell / John Green's books. If it weren't for closet Penda, this blog would've been swarmed with literary puns and pretentious book reviews. This is closet nerd P's territory. Hardcore book geek's stuff is supposed to be at An Imperial Affliction. But since I'm (we're?) revamping the blog, hardcore nerd gets seven minutes of heaven! Muahahahaha! I have dominated you little earthlings!

Anyway, National Bookstore had a small (but clearly very fantastic) sale over the weekend! I was surprised (I nearly hyperventilated) to have found many famous young adult fiction titles on the racks and ended up buying more than I could read (not true, lol). The books I bDessen are the following: Mockingjay (Hunger Games 3) by Suzanne Collins (HB), If I Stay by Gayle For an (TPB), Someone Like You and Keeping The Moon both by Sarah Dessen (TPB), Starters by Lissa Price (TPB) and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (TPB)

Books To Movies

I've read Mockingjay before but absolutely hated it (you can verify with my Goodreads). I'm hoping that after rereading the last installment to my favorite dystopian series, it'll grow on me, forgetting how bitter I was when I first read it (my reaction when i finished the book in 2010: I waited a whole year for this?! Ugh!!) Meanwhile, I'm excited to read Beautiful Creatures. My friends recommended it to me but my heart was hardened then, I had no interest. But when it became a movie, my opinions were challenged. It must be good (enough) to have a movie. So voila! I decided to give it a try.

Sarah Dessen Reads

Dessen is one of the most popular author in Goodreads. When I read reviews for Stephanie Perkins and Jennifer Echols, her name keeps popping up like crazy. I've seen her books a lot but didn't feel quite convinced to buy it until now (thanks you, sale!)

Books I've Always Wanted To Read

I've had If I Stay in my eLibrary for a while now but keep postponing reading it until I finally started yesternight. If any thing's in my eLibrary, it should be worthwhile. So far, so good. I have a thing against books without humor but you just can't help but be drawn to Mia's story. I like how it unflolds and I'm sorry I didn't quite notice I was already making a review. Anyway, I've seen the alternate Starters' cover and was drawn immediately (yes, I unabashedly judge books by its covers). I like dystopia so it didn't take a lot of encouragement from othet psrties to buy this book.

Anyway, I also have a surprise for you guys! Those of you who didn't already know, I purchased a Signed The Fault In Our Stars Hardbound from the internet! It cost me a fortune but I'm glad I bought it anyway (for posterity's sake, lol)

**TFIOS pictures are much clearer because I used my mother's phone and they were captured in broad daylight. Other pics were captured 10pm @_@

Anyway, how about you? Are you reading a book? What would you recommend?

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