Uratex Cagayan de Oro

Uratex Philippines recently opened a new plant here in Cagayan de Oro city and some bloggers were invited for a media launch and a plant tour. I was able to attend and participate (om nom nom) in the event and live to tell the tale.

Uratex is the number one purveyor to the elite and poshest hotels in the country and to be able to attend the launch is such an honor. I was introduced to not only the process of spawning a luxurious mattress, but also to the various products under its conglomerate, RGC Group of Companies. Aside from mattresses, they also produce foams for automotives and furniture, as well as garments, plastic, textile and industrial materials. They are continuing to expand as they not only cater to the Southeast Asian market today, but also to European and US markets. The press conference of some sort was very thorough to the point that I could probably explain to you the various products they offer and the clients they've worked with if you ask me.

I am glad to report that I sampled (wink wink) all the mattresses and have good things to report. My favorite is without doubt the Senso Memory Ultima. They say an average person sleeps at least 26 years of his life, I wouldn't mind spending 40 years of my life on this bed. I'm not so sure if you can roll on these mattresses on a daily basis but I'm suggesting you give it a try (and if they kick you out, make sure to roll over the Ultima on your way out).

The second part of the event was the plant tour (which I missed, unfortunately, because of another engagement). And I was really excited too since it's ISO certified and we'll be seeing how foam is made and all that, what a shame! With the help of extensive blog research, (stalking my friends from CDO Bloggers) I located this photo for you so that you'll at least see what the plant looks like from the outside. Credit to CDO Mom <3

The Uratex showcase also has this rad technology wherein they can find out your pressure points and recommend (or even customize) the best type/shape of mattress for you. To try it for yourself, you can visit Uratex along the national highway at Cugman. You can also check out their website for more details.

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