Commit To Be Fit!

Limketkai Mall launched a Sports, Wellness and Beauty exhibit last July 24, 2015 that ran for three days. It featured a meet and greet with Daniel Matsunaga, cooking demo with Chef Nadine Tengco, belly dancing, yoga and zumba sessions. The goal, no doubt, to encourage each Kagayanon to gear up for a fitter, healthier and more beautiful lifestyle!Kagayanon

Planet Sports brought Filipino-Japanese-Brazillian (that's a mouthful) model, Daniel Matsunaga, for a meet and greet on the first day to kick off the event. He shared a little bit on his fitness techniques that he's managed to infuse in his lifestyle. He's the perfect fitspiration, what with the combined great muscle tone (trust me, I'm a nursing student) and pure, undiluted strength. After the M&G, a belly dancing sesh followed at the activity center on the second floor.

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The second day, they brought in Marca Leon endorser and US-certified nutritionist Chef Nadine Tengco for a cooking demo. She was assisted by students from the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro. After that, a yoga sesh was at hand. On the third day, the exhibit was finally brought to an end with the Kagayanons' favorite past time activity, Zumba, culminating the event.

I wish I can do what the title says, I really do. But with all the schooling and other major hobbies (yep, there's a distinction) I keep, I simply can't make time to exercise regularly just YET. So instead, I celebrate those who do (good for you!) and attend events that make me realize just how much I'm missing (but by no means are you allowed to ape my alibi). What are you waiting for? Leave those bean bags and follow LKK's lead and commit to be fit! And of course, obligatory photo with a celebrity:

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