Review: Ripples Diner and Cafe CDO

July 25, 2015, Ripples by Delecta opened on the ground floor of the new Consortium building along Corrales St. (just right in front of Lifestyle District). They invited a bunch of bloggers for lunch and although it's been a while, I thought I'd share my experience with them.

Ripples hails from the neighboring Iligan City, and was made popular there as 'Delecta'. However, for certain reasons, they renamed the franchise to 'Ripples'. But they have the exact same menu as the original branch in Iligan. The new name is inspired by something that the Pochahontas character, Mother Willow, had said to the protagonist about ripples that take effect when you throw a pebble on still water. I certainly hope that they flourish and achieve the ripple effect their going for! This franchise is managed by the beautiful Ms. Rachel Rivera who we had the pleasure of meeting at the opening.

They serve Filipino cuisine and a mix of Oriental and Italian, but made to suit the Filipino palate. Some of the dishes I've sampled during the opening are Osso Buco, Pancit Malabon, Ox Tongue in Tomato sauce, Crispy Pata, Fresh Lumpia and some salad. I am obsessed with their Crispy Pata, you should definitely try it! Their food is Filipino but none of that very sweet things that most new Filipino restaurants now capitalize.

If you know of foreigners who would want to experience real Filipino home cooking, I am proud to recommend Ripples. Price range is Php100-300 and most of their food is to share so I consider that affordable. They also have unli rice meals for the locals to devour (most of us are big on the rice).

Ripples has that great urban family ambiance that reminds me of home and celebrations. The interiors are simple yet very elegant and attractive. It's a great place to take your family or officemates or date. It's easily accessible too. The only struggle is the parking (but you can always park in the neighboring Gaisano parking lot).

Thanks again Ms. Rachel Rivera for having us!

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