Which Water Vacation Is For You?

For a lot of us, going on vacation means a total change of scenery. And if you live in a city or in the middle of the countryside, chances are you want to spend a little time on or near the water. Here are some trips on the watery vacations you could pick this summer:

A Cruise
If you’re in the mood for a week or so of absolute relaxation, a cruise might just be for you - you won’t have to worry about a thing except for for which bikinis to take with you. Cruise ships are full of all the amenities that you might need, from shops to spas to shows in the evening, and you’ll get to take part in numerous tours of different areas and ports where the ship will stop off. It’s a way to enjoy the ocean and explore the world in comfort.

A Sailing Trip
If you love boats but you’re not the kind of person who wants to spend their vacation wandering around a cruise ship, you could go for a sailing trip instead. Companies like The Big Sail will enable you to charter a yacht and plan where exactly you and a group of friends want to go - so you’ll get all the beauty of a luxurious vacation on the high seas while being able to control exactly what you do and where you go. You can take a sailing trip in locations including Greece, Croatia and the Caribbean - the options are endless and the fact that you can tailor them to your exact specifications mean that you’ll be able to holiday in absolute freedom.

A Villa By The Ocean
There’s very little that feels better than renting a house near the ocean for a couple of weeks of relaxation and downtime. Not only will it mean that you’ll get to spend some good quality time with your friends, family and loved ones, but you’ll also get some time to relax and spend some time away from the pressures of your everyday life. Choose local produce for lunch and walk to restaurants in the vicinity to try out delicacies of the area that you’re staying in - seafood will definitely be a key part of your diet near the beach! Most of all, enjoy the sun, sea and sand. This photo is from our Villa Amparo escapade 3 years back (I can't believe this blog is that old!)

A Scuba Diving Break
If you’ve always been pretty active and sporty, you could always go on vacation and learn how to scuba dive. Not only will this allow you to enjoy a beautiful blue watery world but it’ll also turn your vacation into an active trip as well as a relaxing experience. Underwater is like a completely different planet and learning to scuba dive will mean that you’ll have a skill that you’ll get to use on future vacations in the future (although watch out - once you start you’ll never be able to stop!). The crystal clear waters off the Greek islands are a perfect scuba diving location - or if you want to splash out, you could always go to the Great Barrier Reef to explore the coral and exquisite sea life there.

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