The "Bear" Essentials? Hiking In Nature

Exploring the wonders of the world is wonderful from whatever angle you view it, but viewing it from 1000 feet up, standing on a piece of rock, staring out at the wonders of God’s creation is a real treat. It’s like when we are flying high above the clouds and looking down, it makes you really appreciate how small we are, plus, it’s really cool! If you’ve never been hiking before, not only is it a great way to see the country but it is fantastic exercise and a way to get out in the open. Much like any pastime that requires any length of physical activity, you need to prepare yourself properly. Here are some of the basics you need.

First Aid Supplies
A first aid kit needs to be a priority on any hiking trip. The real feat of being out in nature means you are prone to cuts and scrapes, and you need to be able to deal with the injuries quickly and effectively before moving on to prevent infection. If you need medication, make sure you pack it in an easy to reach place should you need to take something quickly, like insulin or asthma medication.

Camping Gear
Doing a major hike across stretches of land means you need to prepare to set up camp anywhere. The key to packing for any hike is packing light but taking the essentials. With your camping gear, you will need waterproofs with lots of layers to tackle the colder temperatures at night. When it comes to clothes you cannot underestimate the shoes, they need to be sturdy, and the soles need to have good grips so you can navigate rough terrain with ease.

Food & Water
Obviously, you’d like to eat at some point! Packing food for hiking means easy to grab items and snacks you can eat while on the move. Energy bars are packed full of essential nutrients, and nuts are a very simple source of energy. You can carry tinned items, like beans, but only if you plan on spending a long time out in nature, otherwise, the nuts and bars will do you just fine. If you are planning on living off nature and drinking water from streams and lakes, you will need to take water purification tablets. You will also need a borosilicate glass water bottle, and this material is resistant to shock, making it a worthy asset if you fell over.

A Swiss Army Knife
Of course, the trusty tool that does everything, where would we be without it? The many uses of a Swiss army knife include clipping bandages, repairing broken gear, and even cutting off pieces of cheese! Just make sure if you’re cutting cheese and repairing gear before clipping your bandage, give it a clean between each use!

The great thing about being out in the open is the feeling of being at one with nature. There are many hiking trails to choose from, the Pacific Northwest is a really popular one, and by getting outside and seeing the world from a different angle, you will get a new zeal for life!

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