Review: Bonchon Cagayan de Oro

This seems old news but to those of you who didn't know, Bonchon is open on the ground floor of Centrio Ayala Mall! I intended to publish this review earlier but school and alot of things got in the way so I'm only doing this now (forgive this lowly blogger). If you haven't tried Bonchon, this review can help you in preparing what to order, how much money to bring and who to bring. If you've had the pleasure though, I still encourage you to read the review so we can compare notes (yay)

Yes, what a long queue! But this number has decimated (lol, wrong word usage) so you may now visit Bonchon at your convenience. For the whole month of December, I really didn't think the queue would diminish at all, esp at meal hours (btw, we went before meal hours)

So, here I am! And there's my chicken! I ordered drumstick + thigh boxed meal set (with drink) for Php155 and upgraded to Seoul fried rice for an additional fee of Php20. I tried both their honey citrus and soy garlic flavors. They also have a spicy flavor but I wasn't thinking very hot that day. 

I prefer soy garlic because I'm drawn to garlic, hehe. If you're a sweet tooth, you can honey citrus all you want (shoutout to my friend TanTan who's a big citrus fan) Menu also consists of a chicken sandwich, fish, squid, shrimp, bulgogi, noodles, salad, crepes and yogurt. I took photos of the desserts I tried but my phone got reset so until my iCloud locates them, you have to order them to see what they look like for now. If you want to know how much to bring, I recommend you see the menu on their website.

Aside from Kimchi, Bulgogi and other noodles (Jajamyon and the likes), Korean styled BBQ, ice cream and chicken are also famous in the market. In Korean pop culture, lots of celebrities go on strict chicken-only diets (protein) contributing to the growing appeal of Chicken-centered fastfood chains. There have been several occasions where I've encountered Koreans in the Centrio branch, so I think this validates the "authenticity" of Bonchon.

The interiors are great. They're very fresh and has that classic fastfood appeal. You'd think it the set of a casual eating scene of your favorite KDrama.

I was supposed to attend the bloggers launch but since I had class (and a report in the said class), I couldn't attend. No matter, I dragged a friend with me three days after the launch and my family the Sunday after. I love Bonchon! My sister (who studied in Cebu) recommended it to me and I was only able to try it here in CDO last December. I'm hooked to it to the point that I got so familiar with the menu that I am able to take my friends' orders.

So more creepy photography of people having their way with their chicken (I hope I never find myself a candid restaurant eater in a blog post anytime soon). So yeah, bring your basketball team, your family, your officemates, your barkada, your thesis group and even your lover if you want to. Bonchon is a good place for some grubbin' (no puns over here).

There goes my review of Bonchon. Photos were taken in December 2014 because I intended to post the review much sooner than I actually did. Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. Reactions in comment box below please, you know how I love convos with readers (and verifying if they exist or something, lol)

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