Review: Jollibee's Honey Glazed Chickenjoy

After what is arguably my longest unannounced hiatus in history, I'm back! Eager to fill your mornings (evenings? lunches? midnights?) with my unsolicited advice, reviews and rants! This time, I was called out from my blogging slumber to share my two cents on Jollibee's (not so) new Honey Glazed Chickenjoy! So grab a notepad (don't, really) and read on.

Sundays are usually Jollibee days (dubbed so by my ever-insistent 5 year old cousin) and my family head there almost every week after church service. It's been a month since I've noticed the new flavor and I've been dropping hints to my family until I got a call from the manager to try it. So I did, hence, this review.

As expected, it's sweet so if you're into that, you're going to love it. I'd very much eat it on a bad day as opposed to cake which will only hurt me more if I get toothache. If you aren't into sweet things, I suggest you still try it because you might be curious to how its distinct chickenjoy flavor remains in tact with the honey glazing. You'd be surprised!

My cousin loved it too, so did my mom and grandma. It goes without saying, it can appeal to anyone at any age. If you happened to try it, please do tell me about it in the comments section below! Opinionated guests are more preferable to silent lurkers! :)

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