Review: Backyard Burgers

One of the Philippine's biggest asset is that we like to party and people from all over the world come over to join us. We look for any reason to celebrate something so it's not uncommon for us to have festivals in EVERY CITY, EVERY YEAR. My provincial city is dubbed 'The City of Golden Friendship' so it's not a surprise really if our festival's theme is "Higalaay" (Friendship / Making Friends). Last year and the year before, our friends (see what I did there?) from the nearby Davao city, Backyard Burgers, came to party with us for a week. They had such a huge success that only months after, they decided to open up a branch here in Cagayan de Oro City. And after many months, I've decided to review them (once and for all, albeit late)

They've actually been in Cagayan de Oro for a while now but it was only 'til my semestral break that I was able to come pay homage (my studies make me busy for almost everything, it's amazing). If you must know, the burgers really are over the top with their toppings (which I still haven't decided if a bad or good thing). But despite that, I still feel JBurger have the juiciest patties ever. I think what sets Backyard Burgers apart is their presentation and high density cheese. We aren't used to getting burgers that look like these in my neck of the woods, so that must have been a very big factor in their popularity (not to mention the kilometer queue in the middle of the road)

The Burger Dilemma: Like any self-respecting burger eater, I tried to consume the burger with my bare hands and it was the challenge trying to help the overstuffed burger not to fall apart. That, for me, is a horrible thing. If I cannot eat the burger with my two bare hands, there lies a fault in the engineering of a perfect burger. I refuse to eat a burger layer by layer, or worse, with a fork!

Meanwhile, I don't think there was anything wrong with the searing, grind and texture at the time of eating or else I would've remembered (or maybe I was too depressed with the meat-to-bun-ratio situation that I couldn't review as properly as I should have). I honestly don't remember much of the state I received the burger in (apart from it falling apart often) so maybe I should go back and review the burgers more accurately (Yes! I'm using this excuse to go eat some more)

The place is decorated to look like a tavern from the middle ages maybe or something from the 50s (because they've got an abundance of posters from that era). I love brick walls, they're essential to any legit burger place. It's not so well-lit inside so I suggest if you're a little night blind, go outside to enjoy burger to the highest level. If it's not much of a problem, you'll actually like the inside. The place is well ventilated (another essential thing for burger places--we want TO SMELL smoked meat, not SMELL LIKE smoked meat) so there's no problem.

So, there you have it! I wish I could've been more meticulous with this "review". Honestly, I drafted this a while back (my hair still had its length) but my neurons did my best. Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

*I have not, in any way, received any compensation, in cash or kind, in exchange for this review.

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